Peer Critique Day

I just started the CCAD critique cycle two weeks ago and I have found it very supportive and in depth. I look forward to them each week now. Today we are critiquing:  Danielle Wells and Chenxuan Zhang – (You can read their blogs here: For me, even when I am confident in what I am doing, I still feel like a little kid when I show my artwork. That is the best segue I can come up with to share this cartoon which is pretty funny.

'It's good, Timmy, but it's not refrigerator good.'


Author: genestricklandblog

I am an artist. Art used to be a daily part of my life up until my mid-twenties, then career and family slowly took up more of my time and interests. I have long missed having art in my life from the standpoint that I am making it. This MFA pursuit is about re-engaging with the creative process on a regular basis.

3 thoughts on “Peer Critique Day”

      1. No problem! It actually does not have a title at this time. I forgot about that part… I will have to go through and give them titles now 🙂


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